"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


35% of all tables are hermaphrodites 

I found this page featuring the 2nd chapter of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, the first of two excellent novels by Douglas Adams about the aforementioned metaphysical dick.

"This Monk had first gone wrong when it was simply given too much to believe in one day. It was, by mistake, cross-connected to a video recorder that was watching eleven TV channels simultaneously, and this caused it to blow a bank of illogic circuits. The video recorder only had to watch them, of course. It didn't have to believe them as well. This is why instruction manuals are so important.

"So after a hectic week of believing that war was peace, that good was bad, that the moon was made of blue cheese, and that God needed a lot of money sent to a certain box number, the Monk started to believe that thirty-five percent of all tables were hermaphrodites, and then broke down."

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