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Dub Shamanics - The Drift 

Here's a cool piece describing a simple and practical technique for shamanic wandering. A means to obtain transpersonal information from your environment, The Drift is basically an application of Chaos Magick designed to open up the practitioner to the subtle energies of the unconscious by "walking between the worlds". To some it may seem like a form of controlled schizophrenia which, in a sense it is. But I suppose that could be said about much of the magickal path.
In the early stages of the drift you should begin tuning into your environment. Pay close attention to what's going on around you and try to read the language of the city, or wherever you may be. Look out for any strange graffiti, headlines on discarded newspaper, unusual words or phrases that leap out at you from otherwise innocuous sources, and so on. Pay attention to snatches of overheard conversation, the lyrics of songs echoing from car radios, or announcements from train stations and the like. You are looking for a sign or signal that can be readily interpreted in relation to your intent. Don't try to force it or just make something up to fit. Relax into the drift and wait for something to come through of its own accord. The process of the drift is a two-way dialogue with the spirits. You might have to be patient, but you will know when you're on the right track.

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