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Flexible OLED Displays 

Here's the latest update about felxible OLED display technology from University of Toronto researchers. There's a small video that (sort of) shows some rudimentary output on a flexible plastic medium.

"Engineers at the University of Toronto are the first Canadian team to constructflexible organic light emitting devices (FOLEDs), technology that could lay the groundwork for future generations of bendable television, computer and cellphone screens."

I love this technology and have always dreamed of the day when wallpaper could be programmed with live video. I'd love to sit in my living room and be surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest (this will be especially nice after the rainforest is gone...). The flip side, of course, is that soon there will be digital media everywhere, and most of it will be corporate adverts. I guess it's just another aspect of the emerging hyperculture...

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