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God Rules With An Iron Calculator 

This article reports on Russian mathematicians who believe that the fabled parting of the Red Sea by Moses may have a scientific explanation. While it is quite common for scientists to assume that everything has a scientific explanation (call it the "hubris of the educated"), the fellows at St. Petersberg U have an interesting theory. Apparently there is a reef lying deep under the Red Sea which runs from the "documented spot" where the Jews fled the pharoah's armies. Wielding oceanological and climatological data, they claim that in the age of Exodus the reef was exposed at certain times due to tidal fluctuations. After the 600,000 Jews completed their passage, the tides rose and swallowed their pursuers.

I liked this quote at the end of the article: "I am convinced that God rules the Earth through the laws of physics," Volzinger told the Times. This statement strikes me as slightly ironic from a gentleman who is trying to disprove scripture, yet apparently believes in God. No doubt he would presume that God has a mathematical proof as well.

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