"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


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I had this sort of epiphany last night at a friend's party. I realized that my energies towards journaling, online forum participation, my web site, this blog, and my attempts to get some music published, are all part of a larger plan to chronicle my existence here as much as possible. In the digital age it's become easier and easier to capture and archive personal experiences. Information technologies have enabled the individual to generate vast amounts of data tracking their thoughts, activities, adventures, and cross-referencing them with any number of other data points out in the web. The historical process becomes more and more individualized, more and more granular, capturing and cataloging as much detail as possible, often with little regard for it's relative value. Indeed, the value of a person's wanderings and ramblings is simply inherent in it's authenticity as a vignette of human experience. In this regard, the photos of my winter holiday are just as important to the historical record as the ascendancy of the Bush Dynasty in America. And I can clip out my face and paste it into a picture of the Bush cabinet. Instant culture remix!

Not only is the human experience being archived more completely, it's also being shared more readily from person to person. We are able to extend our lives through engaging the archives of other's lives. As more and more people become interconnected in the shared experience of life, it's as if the Noosphere - the field of human cultural and intellectual ideation - collectively becomes self-aware, awakening to it's ultimate unity. This is the grand ontology I indulge: that individual consciousness is a phase, one side of the coin, and holistic consciousness the other side, the pendulum of life swinging between the two. Call it Unity & Duality. We spend most of our time in duality but circumstances can lead us to experiences of wholeness. The process of Life & Death is the steady flow between each phase. We are born in to the multitude, into self-awareness, into to the wonders of life, and we die back into the Absolute, a communion of merging souls, resorbed into the macrocosmos, the womb of Nu. This is the ontology I've offered you today and in doing so hopefully I've added to the cultural dialog.

Although really, I just want to achieve some bit of immortality lest the memory of my life be wiped forever from the cold slate of Time. And I'd like to think that as I'm extending the lifespan of my mind, I'm also inflicting my philosophical Will upon the world in hopes of bringing our social evolution a little more in line with my own ontology (which, of course, is the best ontology).

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