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Talk With The Animals 

N'kisi is an African grey parrot with a vocabulary of over 900 words. Scientists apparently are amazed at the bird's ability to use appropriate tense, create novel responses, and have a sense of humor. His talents are even said to include telepathy, though this is a difficult feat to test reliably.
He invents his own words and phrases if he is confronted with novel ideas with which his existing repertoire cannot cope - just as a human child would do...N'kisi is believed to be one of the most advanced users of human language in the animal world.

The ascendancy of the ego and opposable thumb have mostly relegated animals to the status of "resource", "pet", or "pest". Yet there is much evidence to indicate that many animal species possess complex communication skills, social order, tool usage, memory, and planning. As animals evolve more closely with humans, as in N'kisi's case, their intelligence may come to more closely resemble our own.
Professor Donald Broom, of the University of Cambridge's School of Veterinary Medicine, said: "The more we look at the cognitive abilities of animals, the more advanced they appear, and the biggest leap of all has been with parrots."

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