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Typhonian O.T.O. 

Here's a link to Robert Koenig's sit on the Typhonian O.T.O., Kenneth Grant's branch of Thelema. Crowley's relationship with the primary entity of Thelema - Aiwass - never completely seems to have resolved itself. At times he regarded Aiwass as a manifestation of his deeper self, internal and subconsious, but at other times he was apt to consider the entity as external and incarnate, perhaps originating from the heavens. Grant chose the latter interpretation and constructed his branch of the O.T.O. to focus on contacting extra-terrestrials primarily through the Tibetan vehicle of the kalas.
The Typhonian O.T.O. is concerned with effective transmissions and communications from 'outerspace' for the purpose of opening Gateways. The Typhonian 'deities' denote specific operations of psycho-physical alchemy which involve essences or elixirs secreted (thrown out and/or considered unclean) by the human organism. Its formula is that of the XI┬░ involving kalas that are entirely absent from the masculine organism.

While Grant has a lot of interesting ideas, and his books are not without their moments of keen insight into magickal archana and esoteric psychology, IMHO, he spends far too much time relating everything to the kalas.

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