"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


The Underground Is Overground 

Shana Ting Lipton interviewed Richard Metzger - co-founder of The Disinformation Company - for the L.A. Times(!). Here's a link to the archived clipping on her site. Metzger is becoming one of the highest-profile counter-cultural icons of the new century and continues to deliver material by the likes of Timothy Leary, Grant Morrison, Robert Anton Wilson, Genesis P. Orridge, Douglas Rushkoff, and many other underground icons.
Launched on September 13, 1996, Disinformation was designed to be the search service of choice for individuals looking for information on current affairs, politics, new science and the "hidden information" that seldom seems to slip through the cracks of the corporate-owned media conglomerates.

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