"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


The Winged Scarab 

The winged scarab is essentially the ancient egyptian glyph of the scarab beetle modified to reflect certain characteristics of the western initiatory path. Of note is the scarab's role as caretaker of the solar disc as it passes through the underworld on it's nightly journey towards dawn. Thus the scarab reflects the core solar identity of the individual, the furnace of spirit dwelling in us all, and the reliance upon this internal source in times of darkness. The light of the spirit is always burning within no matter how dire the circumstances of one's life may seem. We are all stars and each of us is, in the most fundamental way, the conduit through which spirit acts within matter.

Imagine your self as it sits at the computer right now. You have your distractions, your obligations, all the day-to-day mundanities of keeping your life togethr, as well as the abstracted concerns of emotion, of personal health and the well-being of loved ones, dreams, aspirations - each is like a layer of the self, some dwelling always at the surface like the petty concerns of the morning commute, others reside more deeply within, closer to the heart of who you really are. If one were to descend through these layers, reaching more and more fundamental levels of being, soon the sense of self as we know it - our job, our goals & ambitions, our fears and concerns - starts to fade as we begin to recall the true miracle of our very existence, the coordinated efforts of billions upon billions of cells, each constantly recycling it's contents, trading atoms amongst the rest of creation to fight the draw of entropy and maintain the order of the human organism. At this level we are barely removed from nature, only slightly sentient of our own uniqueness, our lives like a photograph of a now distant vacation. Here we are far closer to the soul than to the flesh. The body, it seems, is like a vehicle driven by remote in he hands of the Soul simply for the joy of experiencing creation.

Thus, at least in the context of the western initiatory system,the winged scarab speaks to this true identity and to the freedom and salvation inherent in each of us, always holding the light and ever free to wing our way back to divinity.

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