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9-11 Commision Update 

Newsweek reports that the federal panel investigating intelligence failures surrounding 9-11 continues to run into brick walls when trying to gain acces to presidential daily briefs from both the Clinton & Bush administrations. The commision asserts that these documents contain key details about where security failures occured but the Bush administration has only been willing to release 24 out of a total of 360.
Commission sources tell NEWSWEEK that panel members are fed up with what one calls "maddening" restrictions by White House lawyers on their access to key documents. Unless the panel gets to see the docs, the report "will not withstand the laugh test," a commission official says. The panel is threatening to force a showdown soon—by voting to subpoena the White House.

On the positive side, the Bush administration has granted the requested 2-month extension but without the documents the report may remain inconclusive.
While the commission's work has uncovered no smoking gun, sources say, the cumulative impact of the intelligence documents and other material is damning—showing far more screw-ups by both Clinton and Bush officials than the public has yet to learn.

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