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City of Light 

Kevin Williams (unknown affiliation) has gathered together many similar accounts of Near Death Experiences (NDE's), each relating visions of a heavenly city of lights. The site has a distinctly Edgar Cayce Revelations slant but, nevertheless, the recounting of the visions and similarities that arise between them offer a glimpse into the realms at the edge of life.
1) Like wingless birds, we swept into a city of cathedrals. These cathedrals were made entirely of a crystalline substance that glowed with a light that shone powerfully from within. I was awestruck. This place had a power that seemed to pulsate through the air. I knew that I was in a place of learning. I wasn't there to witness my life or to see what value it had had, I was there to be instructed.

2) He then took me to the next kingdom which was far more beautiful in glory and order than the former two. The beautiful flowers, trees, gardens, people who were dressed in pure white, and so pure that I was overwhelmed with joy and most earnestly implored my guide to allow me to stay, but he said, "You cannot go any further, for this is next to the throne of God".
Often the seer is accompanied by or shown beings of white light whose brilliance is directly related to their level of spiritual achievement. The site then refers to a 16th century Tibetan delok (one who returns from the bardo) named Lingza Chokyi. Her visions are recounted thusly:
In her biography she tells how she failed to realize she was dead, how she found herself out of her body, and saw a pig's corpse lying on her bed, wearing her clothes. Frantically she tried in vain to communicate with her family as they set about the business of the practices for her death. She grew furious with them when they took no notice of her and did not give her a plate of food. When her children wept, she felt a "hail of pus and blood" fall, which caused her intense pain. She tells us she felt joy each time the practices were done, and immeasurable happiness when finally she came before the master who was practicing for her and who was resting in the nature of mind, and her mind and his became one. After a while she heard someone whom she thought was her father calling to her, and she followed him. She arrived in the bardo realm, which appeared to her like a country. From there, she tells us, there was a bridge that led to the hell realms, and to where the Lord of Death was counting the good or evil actions of the dead. In this realm she met various people who recounted their stories, and she saw a great yogin who had come into the hell realms in order to liberate beings.
The relation between the City of Light and the bardo is, according to the site, that the most important aspects of life are love, compassion, wisdom, and the understanding that life and death are in the mind itself.

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