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Closed For Technical Reasons 

The Russian Gazette reports on an inventive drug distribution scheme employed at the Tunnel nightclub in St. Petersberg. Stumbling upon a private party for the club's manager police were "suspicious because of the unusually high number of people on drugs. Even for a nightclub." The police attempted to "persuade" (i.e. beat) information out of the patrons but all they got were repeated confessions that the drugs had been purchased out of a Pepsi machine (attention PepsiCo: new marketing strategy!).
so one of the law enforcers approached the machine and gave it a kick. Much to the amazement of the officers, several ecstasy pills dropped out of the machine. With this, the incident was virtually over. ''At least they stopped beating up the guys,'' one club visitor said. The police arrested 20 people and seized the offending machine. The club was then closed ''for technical reasons''.
Further investigation revealed that drug dealers working in the Tunnel had created a rather clever scheme for trading their wares. When a clubber wanted a “lift”, he paid 350 roubles (about $12) to the dealer and was allowed access to the Pepsi machine, which delivered a pill when he pressed a button.

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