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Grey Lodge - Webzine 

Antiquities of the Illuminati publishes a fantastic webzine called the Grey Lodge Occult Review with a list of authors that reads like a who's-who of 20th century mind wizards. The latest issue - #10 - features work by Korzybski, Antonin Artaud, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Ponce, Phillip K. Dick, Joseph Campbell, and many others. Each issue is simply chock full of grist for the thought mill but be sure to have Acrobat installed as many of the articles are pdf. From their mission statement:
Antiquities of the Illuminati seeks to tell The Story. What is The Story? The Story of the granting of Wisdom to humankind by its Benefactors, and the survival, in human incarnations, of said Benefactors. This Story includes making sense of the tangled web of sects, creeds, religious groups, secret societies, mystical associations, and other groups throughout the four thousand year period, beginning roughly 2050 B. C. E., and continuing beyond our present year, to 2050 C. E.

Another object of this, is to establish the Truth of History, concerning certain events in our past, which have led to the mess that is today. In a sense, this is a Textual Time Machine.
All of the previous issues are available on the site so you could literally spend a year or so simply reading through their archives. Truly an astonishing collection of works.

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