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Ibogaine in the News 

San Francisco's KRON reports on their website about the capacity of Ibogaine - an extract of the African plant Tabernanthe iboga - to cure opiate and alcohol addiction. Not news to many in the know, Ibogaine has been of interest to phrmacologists and psychonauts for decades, and has been in use by North African tribes in religious rituals for at least a century. Nevertheless, it seems to be gaining recognition as a powerful treatment for addiction.
It quickly became apparent that one dose of ibogaine blocked the withdrawal symptoms of even hard-core addicts and was amazingly effective for heroin, crack cocaine and even alcohol.
Recovering addict Patrick Kroupa states:
"It's literally like a miracle. Nothing has ever worked and this just did."
The efficacy of Iboga is in part due to its ability to metabolize into noribogaine which will block opiate receptors, allowing addicts to find a place of relief from cravings. But the real power lies in its visionary component.
But of the "visions" that people see, Dr. Mash understands very little -- only that they are somehow significant to the outcome. "It's as if the plant is teaching you something fundamental about who you are as a person and why you've got yourself locked into this intractible pattern of behavior," she says.

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