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A Mythic Life 

Wow, I just came across this fantastic reference site. It's a hypertext version of Mircea Eliade's work, From Primitives to Zen, documenting hundreds of traditional myths and ontologies. With sections like, Gods, Goddesses, and Supernatural Beings, Myths of Creation and of Origin, and Death, Afterlife, and Eschatology, anthropologists and theologists alike will find plenty to dig through. Like Joseph Campbell, Eliade shows the commonalities between diverse mythologies and attempts to unify the underlying archetypes and experiences informing the human condition.

Also check out Reluctant Messenger which collects many of the lost books of the Bible, such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Book of Enoch, and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. These books didn't make the cut into the official biblical canon but are perhaps more genuine than those that did.

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