"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


New Aeon Rising 

American culture seems to be in the throes of a morality struggle. The Old Ways are figthing to maintain their influence while society grows more and more progressive. Today Rosie O'Donnel went to San Francisco and married her girlfriend in direct defiance of fundy shills Gov. Terminator and Pres. Shrub, who is pushing a Constitutional ammendment through Congress to define marriage as solely between a man & woman. Meanwhile, media giant Clear Channel pulled Howard Stern off the air for explicit sexuality. So in one day we have a high profile act of defiance against the religious right, and an equally bold move to appease them. Standing over it all looms the bloody effigy of Christ, eyes hollowed and heart empty, stripped of compassion and salvation by the Gibson family and its barely restrained anti-semitism, nailed to the sacrificial cross of Religion. Our savior has become a servant of Death, mirroring the affliction of our culture and foreshadowing the last gasping breaths of Christianity.

The old ways are struggling against the new. The age of death gods and patriarchs is being displaced. Sexuality must be wrestled from the wrinkled hands of puritanism and reconsecrated with the love of union and the joys of the flesh. For too long we have been told that Nature is profane and only veils the glory of heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is on Earth. Right now, all around us. There is no need to bribe religious gatekeepers for some post-mortem entry into God's elite social club.

But while Christian fundamentalists are putting pressure on BushCo and the GOP to legislate morality and burn their puritan dogma into law, there is a current of personal freedom and expression swelling against the growing control of the corporate police state. The social relativism sweeping out of the counterculture into the mainstream has seeded many minds with an understanding that the models dictating acceptable human behavior are no longer valid. The Church cannot tell us how to live our lives, just as the State cannot tell us what to think. We are neither tools of Profit nor Prophet. This meme is highly infectious...

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