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News Brief 

Noteworthy news items today. I'm sensing a pattern in here but it hasn't quite yet resolved itself...

- Variety reports that Mel Gibson's Christian epic, Passion, is poised to be a box office smash in spite of absolutely no TV adverts. Controversy over accusations of anti-semitism combined with rabid grassroots marketing aimed towards evangelical Christians apparently have Hollywood abuzz. They're expecting a $15-30 million opening.

- The Washington Times writes that Islamic fundamentalist terrorists are being trained in Pakistan and entering the U.S. to join sleeper cells. Pakistan has of course denied the existence of such camps, while India claims it has photos proving their existence. According to the FBI, Al Qaeda cells are currently operating in 40 states awaiting orders & funding for new attacks. Why the FBI hasn't arrested these individuals remains in question.

- The New York Times has an article reporting that the Congressional panel investigating 9-11 security failures is threatening to subpoena the White House if it doesn't hand over documents it feels are critical to the investigation. The documents in question are more than 360 daily intelligence briefings given to Clinton and Bush. So far the White House has only been willing to release 25 or so.

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