"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse



That last post (Food For Thought) was, I realize, a little intense. As stated, it's something to think about. I'm suspicious of the way the image co-opts such a powerfully tragic and murderous moment of history for the promotion of guns. But there is a simple, primal logic in its message: if you don't have a gun, then you can't defend yourself against someone else's gun. Barring years of martial training and/or dumb luck, you will lose. And there are a whole lot of apes out there with guns. A gang of them are running the country. This is why the 2nd Amendment was drafted into the U.S. Constitution. Just bear in mind that the industry creating those guns is reaping the harvest of global bloodshed wrought by warfare and murder. Bear in mind that many of the American political interests lobbying to preserve the 2nd Ammendment are the very ones gutting the rest of the Constitution to enable greater war profiteering. The Military Industrial Complex is no "liberal" buzzword, but a very real multinational corporate entity fed on blood and oil and bent on maintaining conflict while maintaining dominance. War is profit. I forget who said it but, war is always an extension of economics. There are no noble wars.

There are those driven to take up arms, and those driven to peace. It is critical that the ratio between the two is such that the warriors are sufficiently illuminated by the work of the bodhisattvas to avert conflict whenever possible. But there are moments in history when the very foundations of peace are being eroded by those men who seek power and mammon, who sacrificed their hearts for ego, and who must be brought down by the Will of good people everywhere, or forsake our very species into the stratified aeons of sandstone and shale.

Don't take my rhetoric too seriously, though. I don't own a gun, though if I had the money, I probably would. I'd like to believe that compassion is enough to change history. But I also feel that I'd fight to protect the lives of my loved ones before consigning their fates to the wheels of karma. I guess there's a conditional line in the sand for each person marking the point where they snap back with lethal fury. And there are certainly people who tread those lines. Perry Ferrel once said, "Some people should die...That's just unconscious knowledge". I wonder if he still feels that way now that he's rediscovered his faith and embraced the kabbalah...

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