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Purple Haze 

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that Judge Art Danner has ordered 18 ounces of "Purple Haze" marijuana to be returned to it's owners. Leo Beus and Jon Balesteri were pulled over in Scotts Valley for having tinted windows but the astute officer apparently caught wind of their stash, which they had purchased the day before from the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Club.
They didn’t have their medical prescriptions with them, but the "very nice" officer allowed them to go home and get them, Beus said. However, their $3,000-plus worth of medicine was confiscated for evidence.

Perhaps looking a gift horse in the mouth, attorney Ben Rice said,
"We are lucky to have Sheriff Tracy and other local government leaders," he said. "But one thing that has to stop is the confiscation of crops and then officers giving back spoiled marijuana."

Santa Cruz, ever the soft spot in America's "War on Some Drugs", has continued to stand against federal law in a very noble battle to keep marijuana in the hands of the sick and terminal patients who truly benefit from its use. Cheers to Art Danner, Mark Tracy, the City Council, Valerie and Mark Corral (WAMM), and all the others fighting the Good Fight.

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