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Street Radio 

A new radio phenom is gaining meme-space and undercutting the undeniable fact that commercial radio doesn't reflect the rich musical culture flowing through the streets (no surprise there). NPR has a show called Walkman Busting in New York and London's Resonance104 fm runs Traffic Island Discs. From the Traffic ISland website:
Traffic Island Discs is a radio programme about music, people and spaces. We roam the streets looking for people wearing headphones, stop them, and interview them while recording whatever they are listening to. The result is a half hour tour of an area of London, heard through people's personal tastes and rhythms.
The sheer variety and uniqueness of the music that people are actually listening to is certainly enlightening and heartening. In an era of profit-driven cultural homogeneity, it's refreshing to see that musical creativity and expression continues to thrive.

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