"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


The Bornless One 

Neuroscience, chaos theory & nonlinearity, Bohm's implicate order, Stan Grof, and depth psychology are all brought to bear on Iona Miller's dense but fascinating treatise on Postmodern Magick and Dreaming the Unborn Dream.
ABSTRACT: If the implicate order is analogous to the frequency domain, as Bohm-Pribram have shown, the image/object domain unfolds from this invisible reality. That which is enfolded within the undivided whole is the "Bornless One," the unborn dream of our infinite possibilities. Unity-in-diversity is the direct experiential/existential goal of the Creative Consciousness Process in its experimental form.
Complex dynamics is implicated in the energetic translation of the "waves of unborn nothingness" which constitute the unborn dream, the relentless flow of consciousness in search of embodiment and formlessness. Consciousness journeys are the "reading" or explication of the formless domain of Spirit. Following Nature to whatever abysses she leads, they reveal a way of thriving on chaos.
The Void is both empty and pregnant with infinte possibility.

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