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Brujo Biz Booming 

Having built a reputation for witchcraft, Catemaco - a town in southwestern Mexico - has recently seen a large rise in the local industry of spellcasting and potion brewing making it a mecca for seekers hoping for some magical intervention in their lives.
As the traditional March witching season beings, visitors from across the country are descending on Catemaco to find "brujos" - witches - to help them secure lovers, bring down enemies and even cement pacts with the devil.
Growing competition has driven the brujos into new areas of commercialism. Many occupy offices and some even have web sites. Naturally, the art has suffered from its dance with the capitalistic devil.
Aguirre acknowledges that much of his gift has nothing to do with devils or saints and boils down to a talent at psychological manipulation. But he insists the work is for the good of his patients.

"All the acting is part of the cure," he says. "You have to give people what they want, and what they want is to find evil behind things."

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