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Chaos and Mind 

MetaReligion has an interesting overview of Chaos Magick, showing some similiarities between Dadaism, Nyingmapa Tibetan Buddhism, and Zen Buddhist koans. Worth teh read for an intro, or for a new angle on an old topic.
Chaos Magick focuses on the mechanism of belief, and suggests that the process of belief rather than the object of belief is the critical element in magick. Chaos Magicians will adopt or refute positions of belief as needed for the successful resolution of magickal acts. This orientation, which stresses adaptability as a prime asset and greets change as an accurate reflection of the true nature of reality can be extremely destabilizing for individuals whose sense of personal identity requires that the universe be perceived as an ordered and meaningful place.

Chaos Magick specifically refutes the possibility of eternal rest, of eternal order. It views the universe as a phenomena of complexity at an order of magnitude too great for normal human psychology to understand. In fact, Chaos Magicians would argue that the universe is in such a state of flux and apparently random movement that only devious techniques such as those of Chaos Magick, which deliberately subvert the conscious, rational mind have any chance of creating change in conformity with the will of the magician.

Chaos Magick is self-annihilating, bearing commonality with the crazy wisdom of the fringe elements of the nyingmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism, with the mad monks of Zen Buddhism, and with the theoretical structures of Nagarjuna and the Madhyamaka schools of Buddhism.

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