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Chaos Graffiti 

Spiral Nature has an interesting piece on the use of graffiti as a magickal art...
Hijacking graffiti for magickal results further mutates how the mind interacts and preserves modern landscapes. Alleyways as temples; dumpsters as alters;mercury racing his message along graff-sigil encrusted telephone poles; buses become the chariots of the gods; subway tunnels and the undersides of bridges become the subbteranian depths of cthonic realms.

There are places in our time that “decent folk” avoid , or are oblivious to. Ghettos, undersides of bridges, (post) industrial wastelands, alleys, vacant lots, abandoned buildings, train tracks, train bridges, aqua ducts, steam tunnels, sewage drains, etc. These cracks in Babylon unfit for, and forgotten by the consumer god are shrines of its inversion, the new antinomianism.
The author touches on some intriguing concepts, particularly the notion of graffiti as a potential form of viral memetic social programming. The sheer densisty of city life can provide huge advertising potential for chaos propagandists exploring the fine line between tagging & sigilization.

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