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Dress-up Jesus 

Nbc5i.com reports that a man was offended (oh my!) by the new Jesus dress-up doll at Urban Outfitters.
I did a double take. It just seemed unbelievable to see something like that," said Gerry, a man who didn't want to use his last name.

He said he was shocked by the magnetic game showing Jesus on the cross, clad in underwear with interchangeable outfits like a devil costume, a skull T-shirt and a hula skirt.
Kudos to the trendy chain for not caving in to Puritan pressure.
Gerry said he e-mailed Urban Outfitters to complain that the item was in horrible taste.

In an e-mail response to Gerry, the company said it doesn't sell the dress-up Jesus to provoke or offend people, but rather sells it to reflect a diversity of opinion among its customer base.
Now that you've read the hype, you can play the home game at jesusdressup.com.

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