"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


Entheogen Warez 

Tripzine.com is offering the classic Viagra-style MDMA ad as a poster. Note the cuddle-puddle precaution:
9. Psychosocial Entanglement: Due to MDMA's ability to break down normal social and cultural barriers frequent users may notice occasional inappropriate and/or unexpected emotional-bond imprinting with other MDMA users in a group setting. Psychosocial entanglements forged in an MDMA session may last for many months after the initial session and could potentially lead to quasi-permanent codependent relationships such as domestic cohabitation and marriage.
Also available is a two-disc audio set of the last interview with tryptamine advocate and all-around genius, Terence McKenna. I'm very intrigued by this offering and would love to see how McKenna's lifelong pursuit of chemically-mediated confrontations with the Other Side had prepared him for the final confrontation with his own mortality.

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