"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse


Good News 

Goodle presents the good news.
World Peace sparks outpourings of joy
Guardian - 1 hour ago
Almost all of the human race were united today in a vast expression of joy in response to the newfound world peace.
In pictures: it's all smiles CNN
Hand in hand: old enemies embrace New York Times
World Peace - how will it affect the school run? Guardian
Only nice people wearing flowing robes to rule the world Telegraph.co.uk

Bush takes XTC, goes to rave
New York Times - 12 hours ago
"He was jumping around, blowing a whistle, and kept asking me if I had any chewy," says Alison, 19, who danced with the President and his team of advisors at an unnamed club until 4am. "Rumsfeld gave me a kick-ass back rub."
Rumsfeld 'a bit tired' the next day but otherwise okay, say doctors CNN
Bush "satisfactory" after swallowing glow-stick Christian Science Monitor
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