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I Only Buy It For The Articles 

The march issue of Playboy published a fascinating article about neuro-alchemist Alexander Shulgin. MAPS has kindly archived the entire piece. Shulgin's life, past and present, is detailed shedding some light on his personal maneuvering over the years between federal researcher and rogue chemist. Indeed his genius shines through in how he has worked within the system to secure his private research. But the most fascinating aspect of this story to my mind is how well it shows the sheer organic chaos that drives Shulgin's scientific brilliance. Painting images of his dark, cobweb-ridden lab filled with dusty beakers and flasks, boiling and bubbling with the latest cacti extraction, the author captures Shulgin's spiritual quest to divine the keys to inner space like some psychedelic Newton, half mad professor, half dark magus.

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