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Karma Army 

27-year old Danny Wallace has found himself the leader of a cult. Join Me is the name of his cult and his book, which chronicles how he created the global cult completely by accident.
...My cult is a cult devoted to niceness. To kindness. To improving the life of a total stranger, if only for a moment or two. I call it The Karma Army, and I encourage my followers to carry out one Random Act of Kindness for a complete stranger, each and every Friday. I call these Fridays 'Good Fridays', and I ask my members to sign The Good Fridays Agreement.
Wallace is as unlikely a cult leader as any but he maintains his sense of humor and, most importantly, his sense of compassion. With a cadre of followers at his command to carry out the next good deed, he helps inject unexpected kindness into the lives of random folk.
It sounds odd, I know. So I'll give you an example... recently, I was on a train, sitting next to a lady called Helen. We got chatting. She asked me what I did, and I informed her, quite matter-of-factly, that I was a cult leader. She seemed to find this somewhat unusual. I told her that one of our beliefs is that it's always good to Make An Old Man Very Happy. She laughed, and jokingly suggested that I should make her grandfather happy. I asked her what would make him happy. She said he quite liked peanuts.

I immediately called my joinees into action. I sent an e-mail out, informing them of this old man, and of his taste for peanuts. And over the course of the next three or four days, that old man received, in the post, anonymously and from all over the country, about eighty packets of peanuts.

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