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Magickal Politics 

Just ran across another short-but-sweet interview with psychomanipulator Grant Morrison. Author of The Invisibles and Doom Patrol, and the man who reinvented Batman and The X-Men, Morrison now peddles his brand of media magick to corporations.
"Corporations are very excited by all of this stuff," says Morrison. "They thrive on ‘magical’ ideas, in fact, and recognize what it is I’m talking about when I describe the operation of sigils. What else is a logo but a sigil? Compare the corporate logos of the 21st century with the demonic ‘seals’ of the medieval grimoires. What else is a corporation but a kind of demon or god? The corporation has no actual physical existence but it can occupy buildings with its essence. Like a god, a corporation is an intangible idea-complex which attracts dedicated followers and devotees who then work until retirement or death to ensure that the great ghostly corporate entity is kept functioning."

"When you scrape away all the semiotic barnacles which have accumulated over centuries," says Morrison, "you find that underneath all the mumbo jumbo seems to be a very simple process of heightened participation and engagement with the environment. Divination becomes a matter of observing and forecasting trends. Prayer becomes a method for activating self-defense systems in the human personality complex. We are describing the same nervous-system events our ancestors observed without allowing ourselves to get caught up in the often inappropriate terminology they used to describe those events."

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