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Quantum Computing - Flying Qubits 

Scientists at he University of Michigan have demonstrated quantum information transfer using a cadmium atom as the memory bit and an emitted photon as a data transmitter. This is the first observed occurence of an atom and a photon sharing information, and suggests that atoms can act as bits and photons can carry the atom's information from one place to another.
Chris Monroe and colleagues...used a cadmium atom trapped in an electric field to ‘store’ information about the atom's magnetic state. By pumping energy into the atom with a laser, they forced it to spit out a packet of light. That photon carried an imprint of the atom's information with it, which could be read by a detector.

The key is that the cadmium atom can be both on and off at the same time. This ambiguity is what gives quantum computers their edge over the humble desktop, because it allows a group of atoms to store an enormous amount of information, which they can share through entanglement.
By taking advantage of quantum entanglement information could be shared simultaneously over enormous distances. Imagine a time when binary computers are replaced with quantum computers performing operations in n-dimensional space and sharing data simultaneously through entanglement. The global network could truly become an extraordinarily powerful mind.

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