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Revolt of the Magicians 

Media Phenomenon notes that another Crowley film is coming to the big screen, with a screenplay by renowned Crowleyite Lon Milo DuQuette.
The life of the notorious magickal personality Aleister Crowley will be the subject of an upcoming movie. The Dominion Entertainment Group and The Big Picture Agency LLC are teaming up to bring the screenplay ALEISTER CROWLEY: Revolt of the Magicians, to the big screen. The screenplay is written by occult author and Crowley researcher, Lon DuQuette, as well as Jim Bratkowsky of Cinemagic.

"Lon and Jim have done a terrific job of capturing the essence and adventures of Aleister," says Michael Schrager from Dominion Entertainment. "Crowley led a hedonistic lifestyle in Victorian London while passionately seeking spiritual truth in the occult. He was ultimately catapulted to the top of the occult world. "

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