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Wardance & Theocracy 

Salon.com has published an article exposing the fabrication of intelligence by factions within the Pentagon in an effort to push the country to war with Iraq. Yet another smoking gun showing the corruption rampant in Washington these days, the article - written by insider Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski - shows how the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans manipulated critical intelligence reports and guided foreign policy towards invasion. Kwiatkowski lays blame on "neoconservatives" Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, David Wurmser, and Douglas Feith who were trying to gain a greater foothold in the Middle East and keep OPEC on the US dollar. It is clear from her tale that Cheney at least was aware of and took advantage of the fabrications.

Meanwhile, TheocracyWatch shows the rising influence the Christian Right has on GOP politics.
Christianization of the Republican Party," an article from the The Christian Statesman, claims, "Once dismissed as a small regional movement, Christian conservatives have become a staple of politics nearly everywhere. Christian conservatives now hold a majority of seats in 36% of all Republican Party state committees (or 18 of 50 states), plus large minorities in 81% of the rest, double their strength from a decade before."
It's hard to see where the two overlap but note that Kwiatkowski herself supports far-right fundies, theConstitution Party and the PAtriot Party. On one hand we have the corporate barons (BushCo & friends) vying for profit and power over the rest of the world, and on the other hand you have the Christians struggling to impose their morality on the rest of the planet, and possibly hasten Armageddon while they're at it. The Christians use their voting power to extort the GOP to crackdown on the heathen (homosexuals, Jews and Muslims), while the GOP grabs as much cash an control as possible. Then you have the Pentagon pushing its war machine and blaming the CIA for intelligence failures that it itself has manufactured, and the CIA scrambling to gather as much intel as possible on Al Qaeda hoping that someone will actually listen to them (and actually sort of doing an honorable job for once in its long, dark history).

There is so much dirt on this administration yet nothing has stuck. Odds are BUsh will win in '04. And he might actually do it by getting real votes!
"With the apathy that exists today, a small, well-organized minority can influence the selection of candidates to an astonishing degree."

Pat Robertson wrote those words in The Millennium, 1990, and it has been a key organizing principle of the Religious Right ever since.

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