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Android Dreams 

MSNBC.com has an AP article about the "perfect storm" brewing in robotics. Fueled by cheap parts, technological advancements, and lots of government cash, the silicon dreams of robotics are quickly becoming reality.
Just as the constant march of technology is driving down the cost of key components, top universities in robotics are reporting major increases in federal funding, with the Defense Department the biggest spender.

The military desperately wants to reduce the number of soldiers killed by roadside bombs or surface-to-air missiles — cheap implements of war that have felled scores in Iraq. Many in the Pentagon believe the answer lies in autonomous air, sea and land vehicles...

“There’s billions being spent by the government developing robotics and you look at that and you can’t say that’s not going to have an effect on the commercial sector,” Reid said. “That investment by the military is going to spin off.”

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