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Book of the Law 

This week marks the 100th anniversary of Crowley's receipt of the Book of the Law. This strange document was channeled by Crowley's wife, Rose, under very odd circumstances. In trance she produced information that Crowley believed she had no way of knowing, confirming to him that she was indeed receiving something given by some intangible entity. This became the most profound experience of Crowley's life and essentially informed everything that followed in his work.

Many have no doubt experienced radically altering events which completely disrupt their views of reality. Some are driven mad by them, while others seek to understand and integrate the experience. Crowley was of the latter group and spent his life fleshing out his mythology, heavily influenced by the Golden Dawn, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Taoism, Yoga, the Sutras, and Tarot, among others. But it was the Book of the Law which became the center around which everything else orbited. It was, and still remains, the principle holy document of Thelema, viewed with near-religious awe and respect by many followers. Indeed, Crowley was arguably the most influential mystic of the 20th century.

Regardless of whether the text was given by a discarnate entity known as Aiwass, perhaps to inform humanity of the new age and christen Crowley as it's prophet, or whether it was simply the result of intense trance and ritual, welled up in the mind of Rose Crowley, the circumstances remain unique and intriguing and the cryptic document itself is certainly worth study. In 1904 the voice which spoke through Rose harkened a new age of warfare and violence, of great discovery and enlightenment, and of a great clash between the old ways and the new, personified by the Egyptian god Horus as the warrior-prince, child of the New Aeon. The century since certainly seems to have lived up to the predictions.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity rose to challenge the bedrock of mechanics, as Freud and Jung opened up the human mind. Soon after, WW1 broke out followed by WW2. Quantum mechanics began to take hold, and the discovery and identification of DNA revolutionized biology and medicine. The invention and use of the Atomic Bomb was mirrored by the discovery of LSD and its own cultural explosion. TV came in time to bring the Korean and Vietnam wars to millions of viewers, as well as the lunar landing and the Kennedy assassination. Individualism and relativism, political discourse, civil rights, religious & spiritual diversity, and all the struggles associated with these ideologies have lead us into the new millenium with the brilliant light of creation, and the brutal darkness of conflict. Wars of religion dominate the world once again while power hungry apes manipulate the zealots like puppet masters in the Great Carnival at the End of Time.

The Book of the Law is both a warning and a guide to navigate through the perilous times in which we now live, hurtling towards some vast incomprehensible Omega Point, carried along on the currents of civilization, but ever infinite and timeless within the silent center of consciousness.

1.3: Every man and every woman is a star.

2.9: Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass & are done; but there is that which remains.

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