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Burning Dreams 

BrainMachines.com has posted an interview with author and neuronaut Daniel Pinchbeck (scroll down past all the other really cool links on the page... but then check out some of the other really cool links on the page). Here's an interesting bit from the interview where Pinchbeck opines about the significance of Burning Man:
Q. In your Rolling Stone article, "The Fire this Time," you highlight the amazing growth and technological focus of the Burning Man Festival. How do you see Burning Man in the context of the ancient gatherings like the Eleusinian Mysteries? Do you think that the Black Rock City community can be a model for a more permanent kind of community?

A. Burning Man is the post-modern continuation of those ancient festivals-it is a miraculous manifestation of the "Archaic Revival" described by Terence McKenna. On an occult level, I almost suspect that Burning Man is creating a model, on the astral plane, for how all human communities will exist in the future. One amazing aspect of Burning Man is how the event penetrates into one's dream life-after going there, I dreamt about some version of it almost every night for many months afterwards. I know that many people have the same reaction. How could the egalitarian, freedom-oriented, cashless, utopian form of Burning Man be implemented in a more permanent way, or on a larger scale? I have no clue.
[via New World Disorder]

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