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Decertify Diebold! 

The Tri-Valley Herald has a report that e-vote machine makers, Diebold, have publicly acknowledged security flaws in their machines. Furthermore, they admit that these flaws disenfranchised California voters in the March presidential primaries. It is likely that California elections regulators will recommend to decertify Diebold machines.
Diebold Election Services Inc. president Bob Urosevich... apologized "for any embarrassment."

"We were caught. We apologize for that," Urosevich said of the mass failures of devices needed to call up digital ballots.

"We're sorry for the inconvenience of the voters," Urosevich said.

"Weren't they actually disenfranchised?" asked Tony Miller, chief counsel to the state's elections division.

After a moment, Urosevich agreed: "Yes, sir."
Aside from security concerns Diebold machines offer no independent vote record for recounts.
"It is apparent from your responses that no such backup plan has been created and that you continue to 'fly by the seat of your pants,'" [Undersecretary of State Mark] Kyle wrote on Feb. 8. "In view of the chaos your company has caused, we expected that your company would 'step up to the plate' with an aggressive backup plan. Your failure to do so raises grave questions about your suitability as a voting systems vendor."

"I understand your frustration," said Diebold chief developer Tab Iredell. "Why did we sell something that we didn't think we could run? Our understanding based on past experience was we thought we could get that certified."

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