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Devil in Sicily 

Canneto di Coronia is in the news again. Theage.com reports that the mysterious fires which started occuring in January have started up again after a month's respite. Satan is still the prime candidate.
The fires started in mid-January and have claimed home appliances and fuse boxes in about half of the 20 houses. The blazes, originally blamed on the devil, have not hurt anyone.

"We're working in the dark. We don't have a single lead so far," said Pedro Spinnato, mayor of the trio of Caronia towns.

"Every time some new scientist comes to town they arrive thinking the whole thing has been invented or that they're going to solve the mystery in two minutes. They've all been wrong."

The 39 inhabitants of the town were evacuated after the regional Government declared a state of emergency in Canneto, which occupies a single street nestled between a railway line and the sea.

From the start, Gabriele Amorth, one of the Catholic Church's top exorcists, suspected the devil was at work. "I've seen things like this before," he said. "Demons occupy a house and appear in electrical goods," he said.

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