"And the stars are projectors, yeah, projecting our lives down to this planet Earth." - Modest Mouse



Spring is upon us, the equinox having marked the beginning of the fire of Aries, Mars hangs in the sky, and the April Fool has taken another step towards the cliff edge. The Fool is the unbound innocence of Creation, preceeding duality. The hidden countenance of the nameles god. Nothing, beyond-nothing, silence, Harpocrates. The Absolute, vast yet singular, empty of form or even the idea of form, but swollen with the possibility of the Infinite. The equinox, Aries, the Fool - all mark new beginnings as life around us wakes from the slumber of Winter into the swollen days of Spring, ripe with life, bursting with creation.

Tomorrow night brings daylight savings and a full moon - the same moon that our forebears danced under, lit by fires, ten thousand years ago. Has it been so long? Our bodies have changed little, our minds have grown much, fragmented and become self-aware, integrating those distant voices of early consciousness into the rich psyche of the modern human mind. We still look to the sky, we still yearn to dance around fires, and we long for a simple relation to life, now but a distant hazy memory, dim but etched irrevocably into every cell.

Sometimes I look around at the asphalt and concrete, steel and plastics, and wonder, "where did all this come from?" Wouldn't we have been happier staying in the trees? The Fall into knowledge was the fall into self-awareness and the distinction of I & Thou. The Fall created the gap - the abyss - between the Kingdom and Heaven, between Spirit & Matter, our eyes opened to desire and suffering. We are no longer animals living within nature. We now study nature as observers and builders. We are evolving to wield the power of nature, the power of creation. Thus, the apes are becoming as gods, drawn ever closer to the singularity of total self-discovery, merging into the hologram of light, the web work of matter, and stepping out of time back into infinity.

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