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On Magick 

Magick is a broad term referring to any number of systems which seek to empower the individual with the ability to affect their world by force of Will. Some of these systems are very old, some very rigid, some are amalgamations of many systems, and some are very fluid and personal. Although magickal systems may include eastern philosophies and practices, the term "magick" is specifically western in origin and typically refers to western paths such as Qabbalah & Hermeticism. The term "magick" was created by Aleister Crowley in oder to distinguish practical sorcery from parlor magic, but also to give the word greater Qabbalistic significance by the addition of the 6th letter.

Magick proceeds from the notion that the phenomenal world of the senses is merely one aspect of the vast spectrum of reality, and that Newtonian Mechanics and Cartesian Geometry are logical simplifications of a far greater holographic plenum wholly incomprehensible by human minds. The role of the mage is thus to find the wonder of Creation reflected within, analyze and understand oneself, and then enact change within to guide the self closer to the Ideal. With suficient skill this internal metaprogramming can be turned towards the external world, allowing the mage to influence the chaotic web of life by strength of Will, invoking archetypes & spirits, charging the spell and casting it forth at the appropriate moment. This can be regarded as a system of nonlinear aetheric dynamics - a metaphysical butterfly effect. As such there are certain excercises which can be employed to bring the mage into harmony with the universe, specific techniques which can focus the intent and open the appropriate doorways, and various maps describing psychical realms and the constructs inhabiting them. It is the task of the student to become familiar with these techniques and to develop a magickal relationship with the world around them, as well as the world within.

The techniques, excercises, and maps of magick and the etheric realms are numerous and diverse. Arcane systems, shamanic ecstsies, dark grimoires, and esoteric glyphs all offer ways to reprogram ones perception and understanding of their reality. Any technique sufficiently understood and embraced will bring about change with the realization that reality is not a single fixed thing which we all view - but a collective experience of many diverse eyes imposing their maps on uncertain territory. Thus, magick is a system of belief just like any other, but it offers a rich mythology with which to embrace life, as well as the tools necessary to manifest our Will and bring our dreams into being. It's sort of like self-empowerment through controlled schizophrenia. But miraculously it seems to work. As Crowely has noted, you do certain things and certain results will follow. The method of science and the aim of religion.

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