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Photoshop Simulacrum 

Just ran across this amazing bit on The Memory Hole showing how photo editors at the London Evening Standard seem to have manipulated a front-page image supposedly showing a large crowd of exultant Iraqis jubilantly celebrating the toppling of Saddam Hussein. Exposed and dissected by Simon Moore, The Memory Hole reproduces his work including detailed annotations of people and bits of crowd scene which where copied and pasted, including the apparent collaging of two separate images featuring the same man in different poses.

Unbelievable. But a fact of life in a time when information is digital and malleable, and when imagination and reality are growing more and more blurred by our ability to create simulacra. Was there really such a large crowd? Was Saddam really captured? Can we believe the images we see in the media? What about courtroom evidence? A time is perhaps soon on the horizon when belief may be a thing of the past.

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