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Riot, The Unbeatable High 

About 1000 Iowa State students joined poilce for a good ol' fashioned riot at this year's annual VEISHEA celebration. The college event has a history of rowdiness and violence but reports say this, the 13th year, has been the worst.

In my experience the riots always start about 5 minutes after the riot cops show up. Nothing sours the mood of a good street party like 30 or 40 cops. It's like everyone looks at the cops and thinks, "Oh, I guess we're supposed to riot now."
Police say the problems started when they went in to crack down on a party in the 2600 block of Hunt Street, which is on the edge of campus town.

Officers said when they arrived, several hundred people were in the area and were overflowing into the street.

Police said the crowd started throwing bottles and cans at the officers and at their vehicles. Then, police said some people began yelling and chanting "Riot, Riot."
You can see a raw video feed of the riot here. Note the now-cliched but always entertaining "flipping of the cop car by drunken jocks".

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