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Roach Cam, or... The Post-Humans Will Inherit The Earth 

UCI researcher Garnet Hertz presents an interesting study in post-humanism:
This project involves a set of living Giant Madagascan Hissing cockroaches equipped with miniature wireless videocameras on custom-built backpacks. These specialized backpacks are worn by the cockroaches and transmit wireless video to televisions within the gallery space. The cockroaches are contained within a medium-sized terrarium placed on a plinth within the installation space, and are able to roam around the external environment during predetermined times.

This work is positioned within the context of technology in relationship to contemporary human culture. Posthumanism - which can be defined as a re-working of the limitations of the human form through radical uses of technological means - appears to be primarily concerned with issues of genetics and other efforts to extend and enhance human-oriented life. This work comments on posthumanism through the definition of non-human forms inheriting the title of "posthumans". Although transhumanist efforts will likely enhance human life, it is still most probable that non-human organisms - like the resilient cockroach, for example - will outlast human society.
I can imagine a future where insects with microminiaturized wireless cameras are released back into their native habitats to transmit their daily lives out to the www. Check out the site for a QT movie of one of his hissing subjects.

[Thanks to Reality Carnival for the link.]

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