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Solar-Hydrogen Home 

Thanks to FutureHi.com for pointing out this amazing home that runs entirely on solar hydrogen. The future's so bright I gotta wear, um... shades.
The eco-house relies on a photovoltaic (PV) hydrogen production and storage system to power household appliances and a fuel cell that can convert the chemical energy into electricity.

“Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the atmosphere. I believe it is the fuel of the future,” said Kamaruzzaman. “People tend to equate hydrogen with hydrogen bombs, but in fact, it is really quite safe because it is so light that it disappears into the atmosphere as soon as it is released.”

The system uses solar power to convert ionised water into hydrogen through the process of electrolysis. Forty-two multi-crystal PV panels which can produce a total peak power of 5kWp are mounted on the rooftop. When sunlight hits the PV panels, the solar energy is converted into electricity, which is then used to run an electrolyser unit inside the house.

The electrolyser has a capacity of 0.54cu.m per hour of hydrogen production, and is used to transform electrical energy from the PV panels into chemical energy in the form of hydrogen.

It then electrolyses purified water supplied by a water purification system, producing hydrogen and oxygen which are then vented into the atmosphere. A hydrogen gas purifier then purifies the hydrogen before storing it in a 1,500-litre vertical-standing storage tank outside the house. This hydrogen is then used to run a fuel cell, cooking stove, and boiler for the absorption air-conditioning system.

The storage tank is equipped with a gas management system to ensure safety. Meanwhile, the PV system is interconnected to the utility power grid, with a reversible current flow and controlled by a 5kW solar PV inverter.

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