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Tele Hypnosis 

Tifareth.com offers several shareware radionics and telehypnosis programs for the PC. They also have an app called the Chaos Magick Spell Caster. I haven't tried any of the apps and, frankly, I'm not sure how I feel about having an automated computer program sending hypnotic waves to unsuspecting marks. In general, this sort of left-hand path magick makes me a bit wary. The whole thing strikes me as a bit of pandering to the gullible masses, but that's not to say there isn't potential value in these programs.

From the Tele Hypnosis description:
Tele Hypnosis 1.0- An advanced radionic program which you can control the mind of others. With Tele Hypnosis you can oblige the people to make the things you wish. You can make someone loves you passionately. You can get the best of your children and make them study more and control their behaviour. You can influence your boss to choose you for a promotion. Also, using your own photo, you may use the program for auto hypnosis purposes. These and too many more things you will be able to do using Tele Hypnosis.

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