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The Tragedy Of Dog Flatulence 

The AP reports that Frank Morosky and his company Flat-D Innovations have finally solved the age-old problem of dog flatulence. They've created a diaper lined with charcoal. Originally intended for humans, the team has expanded their offerings in response to customer requests.
Morosky has developed two versions that will go on sale later this month. One, similar to a G-string, will sell for about $20. The other, a denim diaper with a detachable charcoal pad inside, will sell for about $50.

Veterinarian David Graeff of Animal Care Hospital, said flatulence is common in dogs, but is not a medical problem.

Graeff said pet owners often jokingly blame their own flatulence on their pets.

"Unfortunately," he said, "the dogs do get blamed for this, no matter what."

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