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A Collection Of Dreams 

Reporting from the Slumberworld, Abrupt hosts a small but evocative library of dreams worth checking out.
This is an evolving collection of dreams. I'm not yet sure how much weight to lend to dreams. Are they just the brain's attempt to make sense of random neural static? Are they jets of unconscious desire and fear, spouting from the fissure of sleep? Or is a dream a contact with a territory, lost and unfamiliar, but nonetheless real? Biological necessity, or emergent fluff?
From First Encounter With the Dream Sage, July 23, 1995:
Full realization begins to dawn on me. "Ah." I say, looking dubiously over my should at the object of this creature's study. Across the road is a field, at the edge of which rises a wall of trees and vines, greenery both abundant and chaotic. Its gaze seems focused on this organic tangle. I look back into that incredible face. "Of course," I say, apologetically, reeling from the realization that this is no infant. This being is extremely ancient, extremely wise and powerful. Compared to it, we are the infants. I quickly hurry away, not wishing to disturb its contemplation any more, secretly hoping that someday such a being will be my teacher.

V. cool. Thanks for that. I hope I can remember that much detail from my dreams someday!

Big thanks also for keeping my dream journal link up all this time. I'm a laaaaazy blogger.

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