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Fahrenheit 911 Takes Cannes  

Michael Moore's explosive expose of the lies and cover-ups surrounding BushCo & 9-11, Fahrenheit 911, took the Palme D'or - the Cannes festival's top prize and "one of the most coveted honors in international cinema". From the AFP:
Moore, who has accused the White House of seeking to block the film's release in the United States, had to wait until a long standing ovation died down to accept the prize.

He dedicated the trophy to his 22-year-old daughter and "to all the children in America, and in Iraq and around the world who have suffered from our actions."

The documentary, which got its worldwide premiere at the Cannes festival last Monday, examines the period from Bush's 2000 election, through the September 11 attacks and the wars on Afghanistan (news - web sites) and Iraq.

It is scathing of Bush, portraying him as out of his depth and keen to further his family's links to Saudi families made rich from oil -- including with the relatives of Osama bin Laden (news - web sites), blamed for the September 11 attacks.

Moore, though, made little secret of his hope that the documentary -- once seen by US voters -- would influence the November presidential elections in the United States.

The Cannes recognition of "Fahrenheit 9/11", he said, "will ensure that the American people will see this movie".

"I don't know what impact it will have" on the elections, he told journalists, but "these people (Bush and his officials) have been out of control from the get-go and we as Americans have been responsible for letting that happen".

His compatriots now had an opportunity to vote Bush out of office if they and the Democrat opposition "have got a spine," he said.

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