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Invocation & Evangelion 

Author & chaote Taylor Ellwood has an interesting piece up on Disinformation.com. He uses the Evangelion relationship between pilot & mecha as a springboard to explore the psychology of invocation.
This is an approach to Invocation I've been working on recently. In the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, the pilots have to enter an Entry Plug before they can actually get into the Evangelions. Evangelions incidentally are mecha, but also replicated from the angel Adam, so that essentially they are a combination of flesh and machine. The entry plugs are termed as thrones of the soul in the series. In other words the pilots are actually souls and the entry plugs serve as the housing for the soul within the Evangelion. For the Evangelion to operate, the pilot and the Eva must synchronize. This synchronization is achieved partially through technology; specifically the pilot's neural signals become the central nervous system for the Evangelion. But sometimes this is also achieved by the pilot's will power, so that the soul of the pilot is essential for the Eva to work. The soul of the pilot is invoked into the Evangelion. And the synchronization of Eva and pilot creates a god that cannot only fight the angels in the series, but can also serve as a medium of evolution for humanity. And all of this is achieved through the pilot being invoked into the Eva, as opposed to a more traditional approach toward invocation.

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