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Positive Spin 

The Dalai Lama spoke recently about the unrealistic bias the news media has towards tragedy and suffering. He faults the media for giving the impression that the world is a horrible place, fraught with senseless death and destruction, and suggests that it is getting better and better.
"Media tend to show a lot of interest in the negative, in disasters or tragedies," the Tibetan spiritual leader was quoted as saying in an interview with the World Association of Newspapers.

"This kind of news gets a lot of attention, whereas there is less interest in the value of human compassion."

"If a disaster happens in, for example, New Delhi, New York, Paris or Moscow, it is immediately seen as something important," he said. "However, organisations or relatives take care of thousands and thousands of young children every day."

"We take these things for granted, so they are not important to the media."

Despite continuing political persecution in his homeland, the Dalai Lama said the world was becoming a better place.

"I think that many people live under the impression that the world is getting worse," he said. "I do not agree with that. My feeling is that during the last century, the world has become a much better place."

"Today there is an increased interest for peace, the environment, culture and spirituality. Our culture and spirituality are relevant in today's world."

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